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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC) Project

SWCC rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife. They are the only sanctuary in the southwest capable of caring for large mammals such as black bears, mountain lions and Mexican gray wolves. 


“Excellent video! We really enjoyed working with Nature's Art Productions in making this video .... Thank you so much for your support of Southwildlife Conservation Center and wildlife all over the world!”   SWCC                                                             

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center (PWREC) Project

 PWREC provides humane, professional care to inured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of returning them back to the wild. An estimated 1,500 animals are taken in annually.  The Center also provides diverse and extensive educational programs and demonstrations to the public about wildlife. 

"Check out this great video "This documentary is superb. If you like what you see, please support our efforts! If you'd like John and Yoke to create a documentary for you- these are the people who can get it done. Yoke spend HOURS in the heat, crazy busy days... distractions, and still created a pro doc!!! We love it!!! "   PWREC

Bernard Langlais / Restoring And Preserving The Legacy

Bernard Langlais, renowned Maine artist, created over 3,000 indoor and outdoor works of art during his lifetime. This short documentary tells the story of the effort to restore and preserve his legacy. 

"Excellent video, John and Yoke did a great job creating this!"  Scott Mosher

FOUR Bald Eagle Chicks in the Nest

A  6:00-min piece documenting the first observations of the very rare occurrence of FOUR bald eagle chicks in a nest along the Delaware River in PA. Clutch size in bald eagles generally varies 1-3, with 2 being the most common. Reports of 4-egg clutches are very rare.  

The project included capturing 14-weeks of footage, from the time the 4-chicks were first observed through several weeks after they fledged.  John and Yoke published a book, NESTING DIARIES, documenting the entire project.

The Jubilee School Project / Balance and Sustainability

A collaboration with the University of the Sciences and the Jubilee School located in Philadelphia, PA.  

The Jubilee School is an independent primary school which provides an environment in which children build upon their wealth of creative, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and cultural resources.  Fifth and sixth grade students learned about balance and sustainability and were able to create and narrate own story about what they had learned.  The resulting 6:11-min documentary was chosen to be shown at a Franklin Institute event in the spring of 2012.  ​ 

Want to Collaborate on a Project for Your Organization?

We are available to work closely with biologists and wildlife, environmental and educational not-for-profit organizations to produce documentary shorts as outreach tools for these organizations, for their fundraising initiatives and to help them promote and raise awareness of their organizational challenges and projects.  

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